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The Mathey Dearman MagnaCut XM enables the welder and pipefitter to cut, bevel, and even weld steel pipe and steel plate without having to secure the machine to the work surface by means of chains, clamps, or any other device.


The Mathey Dearman Mini Mag XM Magnetic Cutting Machine has all of the outstanding features of the MagnaCutXM without the Electronic Torch Arm.

MATHEY DEARMAN Maxi Chain Machine  

The Mathey Dearman Maxi Chain Machine provides an economical way to cut and bevel pipe.

  MATHEY DEARMAN Mini Chain Machine  

Most popular of all chain machines, the lightweight Mini Chain Machine is recommended for cutting random lots of small or larger diameters of pipe.

MATHEY DEARMAN Monarch Band Cutting Machine  

The Monarch Band Crawler is the ideal tool for flame cutting pipe, when there is a minimum amount of clearance, in the trench or in a pipe run.

  MATHEY DEARMAN Cold Cut Beveling System  

The CGM-1 cold cutting machine is an excellent tool for shop or field use. The machine is used best for mechanically cutting pipes in explosive environments such as refineries or pipelines conveying natural gas, crude oil or crude oil by-products.



MATHEY DEARMAN Manual Saddle Machine  

Dependable and tough, Mathey Dearman's Saddle Machines are designed specifically for critical pipe applications that require a high degree of cut quality and accuracy.

  MATHEY DEARMAN Motorized Saddle Machine  

This light weight, durable, motorized short saddle machine is known throughout the welding industry for its longevity, dependability and precise cutting accuracy.




Mathey Dearman is proud to offer quality accessories such as our oxy/acetylene torches with a 1 3/8" (35mm) barrel diameter with and without rack. All torches sold in the USA come with a check valve. Torches and tips are available for most fuel gases. More...