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ORGA - AOL50EX-xxx - Offshore aviation lighting    

AOL50EX-xxx - Offshore aviation lighting

Explosion proof low intensity aeronautical obstruction light (50cd)

Explosion proof low intensity aeronautical obstruction light to meet the regulatory requirements of CAP 437 and ICAO. Designed from stainless steel and glass to meet the harsh offshore environmental conditions.

CIP100 - Control panels

Obstruction Light System Controller

Controller for smaller Orga medium intensity obstruction light systems that provide full system operation management, status information and diagnostics, and which can be programmed after installation for different system configurations.

FH800(3)EX(-SS) - Foghorns

Explosion proof foghorn

Explosion proof foghorn, designed to provide 2 nautical miles omni-directional coverage. For offshore structures and in line with IALA and DGSM regulatory requirements.

L330 - Low intensity

Low Intensity obstruction light

Red fixed obstruction light for reliable night time marking of structures that present a hazard to aviation in accordance with UK CAP168 Type B. Incorporates the benefits of advanced LED and optical technology to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.