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V-Port Ball Valves

Series VP V-Port Ball Valves

Features:Ball Valves

    • VALTORC "VP" Series V-Port Ball Valves are ideal for achieving more precise control with the simplicity and sealing features of a ball valve.
    • We offer V-Port Ball Valves 1/2" - 4" in a 3-piece design and 1/2”- 6" flanged.
    • The standard "V" notch options are 30, 60 & 90.
    • While they are available as manual valves, we specialize in automating them to suit your particular control requirements.
    • V-Port Ball Valves offer better and more consistent control than traditional round ported ball valves.
    • We offer this valve with the control port cast and machined into the ball, not in the seat.
    • This allows for much better flow characteristics and eliminates the need to replace seats.

      Series 900 V-Port Ball Valves

      Features:Ball Valves

        • High Rangeability - 300:1  Turn down ratio V-Port Ball Valve
        • Equal Percentage Flow Characteristic
        • Low Pressure Recovery Rate - minimizes cavitation and excessive noise
        • Multi-Body Rating ANSI 150/300
        • ASME B16.10 Face to Face Dimensions
        • ANSI leakage class VI
        • High performance Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Body ANSI Class 150 and 300
        • Available in Threaded/Wafer (1" - 2") or Flanged (3" - 6") Body.
        • Stainless Steel Ball and Stem for long life.
        • Spring loaded Teflon  V-Ring packing, maintenance free design with 400ºF temp. at 250psi rating using Stanyl PA46 bushings.
        • Shaft and segmented ball, pinned and welded.
        • Flow direction indication for easy installation.
        • ASME B16.10 Face to Face dimensions.

        The Unique Family of "V" Ball Control Valves

        Options Available:

        • Sizes: 1/2" to 4" V-Ball Valve
        • V-Type modulating control valve
        • High precision controls & stability
        • Exchangeable V-Elements 30°,60°, or linear slots as required
        • Tight Shut-off, up to 1000 psi
        • Compact size, with high volume capability for best efficiency!!
        Image Features:
        • A 30° V-slot in a stainless steel full port ball valve, 3-piece design, threaded ends, with
          mounting pad for the actuator. Spring return actuator and electro/pneumatic postioner
        • PVC Ball valve with V-Ball features for applications where PVC material is required for
          the process (corrosion resistance, etc)

        Valtorc Manufacturers V-Port Ball Valves

        View the life-cycle of our V-Port Ball Valves.  You can see the valve take form in our exclusive behind-the-scenes view of how Valtorc International manufacturers and products our famous V-Port Ball Valves and V-Ball Valves.  Click on an image to view the full size.  You can also view actual video of these valves in action and production by visiting our

        Fabricating valve surface

        Close up view of valve surface

        Pre-programmed machines help assist

        The V-Ball/Port takes shape

        Signature V is clearly visible

        Final products available for purchase

        V-Seat, V-Slotted , V-Ball Characterized Seat Control Valves

        We have a complete line of V-Port Ball Valves, V-Ball, V-seat and slotted seat control valves providing precision throttling control for a wide range of applications. As with our standard ball valves, V-characterized seated valves offer equal
        percentage flow characteristics. The slotted seated valves have an inherent linear flow characteristic.

        • Simplicity - Very low maintenance costs compared to globe and segmented ball valves
        • Tight Shutoff - Exceeding Class VI and bubble-tight
        • High Rangeability - Repeatable control through 95% travel
        • Low Cost - Purchase price is substantially lower than competitive high pressure drop valve
        • Low weight - about 30% lighter than globe control valve
        • Compact Size - Leaves more room for additional field equipment
        • Shearing Action - Non-clogging control of fibers and solids
        • Low Flow Control - Cv as low as 0.07
        • Flexible CV -Interchangeable seat angles or slots
        • Erosion Resistant - Extra tough, hardened seat and ball
        • High Pressure Drop - Liquids up to 500 psi, steam up to 150 psi
        • High Temperature - Up to 1,000°F

        Maximum Flow Rates (CV) For 1" Valves

        Full Port
        Reduced Port
        60° V
        30° V

        A typical comparison for a 1" V-Port Ball Valve

        The CV graph shows the range of flow for the standard port, 60°V and 30° V ball valves. The characterized V seats provide finer control than round port valves.


        Modern Test Facilities Measuring V-Port Valves & Flow

        This newly designed & built test bench, enables us to test and evaluate "V-Port" valves and flow measuring instruments.

        This newly designed & built test bench, enables us to test andevaluate "V-Port" valves and flow measuring instruments.

        1" "V-Ball" control valve tested under variable conditions.