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We can supply a wide range of fitting accessories for all your exhaust mounting requirement: clamps, flanges, pipe, bends, elbows, adaptors, mounting's etc. and much more, from our facility and if we don't have what you want, we have an extensive range of contacts who probably do!

Exhaust pipes / tube

16 Gauge thin wall tube (1.5mm), available from 1" up to 6" diameter
Flared and slotted ends, lengths up to 3m.
Stainless or mild steel
Mild steel has heat resistant finish

Swept Bends

Our pipe bending equipment allows us to produce any angle of bend in pipes up to 4" diameter
Available in either mild or stainless steel
Consult us with your requirements

Flexible Exhaust tubing

Gas tight pipe
Ideal for in line flexing to absorb engine vibration
Stainless steel for longevity
Cut to length, 1" - 6" diameter

Rain Caps

Counter balanced vane type raincaps
Single bolt clamp fixing
Available as painted mild steel or stainless steel

Support Straps

For supporting silencers, spark arresters or catalysts
Standard clamps are round, other shapes are available
Mild steel or stainless steel

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Standard U bolt saddle clamps
Mild steel, zinc plated

Band Clamps

Simple effective gas tight way to connect exhaust components
Butt type for joining to equal sized pipes
Flex type for joining flexible to solid tubing or can be used on overlapping joints
Manufactured in stainless steel

Welding Elbows
Tight radius 90 degree bends suitable for welding 1D radius
1.5mm mild steel or stainless steel
1" to 5" available

Pipe to pipe Adaptors
Any size of pipe adaptors can be produced in either mild steel or stainless steel
Also available with angled bends or as pipe size reducers


Virtually any shape of flange in mild steel or stainless steel, suitable for all engines. Fitted to pipe, silencers or spark arresters