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Safety Eyewear
  • uvex offers a wide range of safety spectacles for various areas of application. Find out more about some of our models here:

  •     Safety Glove
  • Feel the difference we can bring to your environment. A range of products - In touch with your needs. Have a look below at our new innovations in safety gloves!

    Titamium Collection

    Find out more about our models here:

    Safety Footwear
  • Our feet work exceptionally hard during the day - you can minimise wearer fatigue by putting on a pair of uvex safety shoes! uvex safety shoes guarantee optimum wearer comfort, extreme safety and modern sporty designs.

    Come see for yourself, our latest styles are all on display and awaiting your attention!

  •     Hearing Protection
  • Noise induced hearing loss is irreparable but preventable! This is why uvex offer a wide range of ear defenders, disposable and reusable earplugs and dispensers.

    Together with our partners we are developing individual hearing protection solutions for permanent use.